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Ideas for romance in Tropical North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland really is the best spot for a romantic getaway! With stunning scenery, amazing sunsets and a multitude of adventures to be had you're guaranteed to have a perfect break. But what are the best romantic activities to try out? Here are just a few ideas...

Scuba Diving

Whether you're a first timer or an experienced pro, getting to dive on the Great Barrier Reef is a memory that you will make together that will last forever.

Waterfall Hopping

Kissing underneath a waterfall is right out of a movie, and you can do that right here too.

Hot Air Balloon

Getting to watch the sun rise with the person you love? Gorgeous. Getting to do that at 1,000ft above the Atherton Tablelands in a hot air balloon? Magic!

Fitzroy Island for the night

The resort at Fitzroy Island is gorgeous and a perfect break away from the mainland. Plus the sunsets are out of this world and create a great backdrop for a night of romance.

Sand Cay Adventure

Sand Cays are like something out of a dream! Relax on the white sand or look for turtles in the shallows, it's impossible to have a bad day on a sand cay.