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Our 7 favourite lookouts in Tropical North Queensland

There are so many beautiful sights to see in the Tropical North Queensland region, but can any be more photogenic than a really good lookout? Thanks to having some amazing roads up here your journey is guaranteed to take 10x as long as usual as you constantly stop to take photos. There are scores of amazing lookout points, but here are just 7 of our favourites.

1. Wright's Lookout, Kuranda

Just outside of the centre of Kuranda this lookout looks right down the Barron Gorge all the way towards Cairns CBD and beyond.

2. Rex Lookout, Wangetti

The drive between Port Douglas and Cairns is famopusly beautiful, but the highlight has to be the Rex Lookout which gives you great views of Wangetti beach and the coastline.

3. Alexandra Lookout, Daintree

This amazing spot in on thr top of the Alexandra ramge and looks down towards the mouth of the Daintree river and snapper island. On clear days you can even see Cape Grafton!

4. Flagstaff Hill Lookout, Port Douglas

A short stroll up a hill will lead ou to this lovely spot with gorgeous views down four mile beach and the coast leading back to Cairns.

5. Crawford's Lookout, Tablelands

Pull over on the side of the road and porepare to be stunned by the unexpected view! In the gap between the trees you can see right down to the Johnstone river.

6. Barron Falls Lookout, Kuranda

You can access this with a hsort walk, or on the Kuranda train which stops here on it's daily journey. Looks even better when it rains so don't be sad if the sky starts to cloud over!

7. Gillies Range Lookout, Tablelands

On the winding highway that leads from Gordonvale to the Tablelands make sure to pull over and enjoy the views across the Goldsborough valley.