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Our top trips for first time divers!

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef has to be at the top of a lot of peope's bucket list. Who doesn't want to breath underwater and swim with a turtle? But a diving course typically takes 4 days, a big chunk of your holiday time! Don't worry, if you want to swim with the fish without spending days learning how then there is a great alternative: you can do an introductory dive!

But what's the best way to do that? Read on to find out...

Shore Diving

Getting to wade in to water then gradually follow the sea floor deeper can feel a lot less intimidating than jumping right in! Dive with Ocean Spirit and you start out in the shallow waters around Michaelmas Cay. This is especially good for very nervous first time divers.


Starting your dive from a platform gives you the benefits of shore diving (gradually walking in and doing skills in shallow water) with all the added bonuses of outer reef aquatic life. We love Sunlover and how they set their dive deck up, and if it's still a bit too scary for you you can always swap over to the seawalker activity.

Small Groups

Choosing a day trip where you'll get personal treatment can make all the difference. If you are feeling pretty comfortable with the idea of diving but stil want lots of care and attention make sure to go with Ocean Free or Ocean Freedom. They have the lowest ratio of students to instructors - 2 to 1 - meaning that you'll be properly looked after.