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Where to safely spot crocs in TNQ

There are lots of animals to see on your visit to Tropical North Queensland, most of which you can be happy to see in the wild. Nemo? Check! Wallby? Check? Shark? Check - yes really!

But there is one creature that is a little bit scary to encounter, mostly because you'll probably only spy it for a split second before you find your legs in it's mouth and the rest of you following suit soon after. Something so well evolved that it's barely changed for millions of years. A pure killing machine... The saltwater crocodile!

Growing in excess of 5 metres and weighing close to a ton, these fearsome beasties are not tobe messed with. So how can you get a close encounter without becoming lunch?

Take a trip on the Daintree river

For those of you choosing to take a guided tour to the Daintree, this will usually be included in your day (but check!). For everyone else, there are a number of companies running trips throughout the day that you can hop on. The Daintree river is home to a big family of crocs and it is possible to spot everything from tiny two year olds to the big male known as Scarface. All from a safe ditance of course..!

Visit the Cairns Dome

For those pressed for time, hop in the casino lift and go up to the Dome wildlife park. Yes that's right, there is a croc on the roof of the casino... Crazy! There is a great viewing area here and you can peek at Goliath the 4 metre long croc as he swims around. Or alternatively, join in with some Cairns Zoom activities and zipline over the top - just watch out for your toes!

Hartleys Crocodile Adventures

If you have a half day it is well worth visiting this croc farm turned zoo, as they specialise in our scaly friends. Watch crocs jump out of the water, take a boat ride through the swamp and even hold a baby. You can do it all here! 

Green Island - yes really!

It might sound crazy, but this little island has it's own animal park here called marineland melanesia. Oh, and it just happens to house Cassius who is the largest croc in captivity - in the whole world! Make sure to visit when the complimentary tours are on and you'll get to see the crocs up close as they jump for their dinner. Eek!