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A scenic flight with GBR helicopters

It started off as a standard Monday at work. Despite the brilliant weather we were quiet and I found myself replying to emails and doing some paperwork. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Until the phone rang.

"Hi Francesca, it's Tash from GBR heli. We've got space on a scenic flight in 45 minutes, are you free?"

Umm...yes I was!

One of the main advantages of flying with GBR over their competitors is that they have a heli pad right in the centre of Cairns. So rather than traipsing out to the airport you can stroll over from your hotel to their office and upon your safe return can be sipping a cold one in the Pier Bar in literally seconds. For me it meant that I was just around the corner at work!

I was lucky enough to fly on a clear day and the views from the helicopter were amazing, it really is a special tour indeed.


Our pilot varied the height of the helicopter and made sure to swing around points of interest a few times to ensure everyone on board got pictures we were happy with.

It's pretty much impossible to get bored of this view. I asked my pilot if he ever did.

"I've been doing this for three and a half years now, and no, not yet. Not even a little bit"

A scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef is on everyone's bucket lists for a reason, it's not until you see it from above the you can appreciate the scale of the thing.

Vlassoff Cay from the air

 For more pictures and a full write up click HERE.

Flights with GBR start from $169, call us now for more information on +61 7 4041 5637