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New Years Resolutions for TNQ

We do things a little differently up here in the tropics, and that extends to our annual New Years Resolutions too! Up here we're more likely to say...

I'll visit the reef more often

With one of the wonders of the world on our doorstep it's a shame not to make the most of it! It doesn't matter how many times you visit the reef - it never stops being exciting.

We should find a new waterfall

Us locals have our favourite spots but there are so many swimming holes and waterfalls nearby that we really should make the most of them. Crystal Cascades is beautiful but what about all the other gorgeous spots...?

Shopping should be done at Rusty's - not a supermarket

When you've got a beautiful market with locally grown produce in the city centre there's no excuse to nip to Coles. Plus prices are usually way cheaper - it's a win win!

Use the air con less

The temperature up here is warm all year around which is amazing (hello no more winter!) but does make it tempting to reach for the remote to cool down. Jumping in the pool is a lot more environmentally friendly and cools you down a treat!

This is the year I learn to scuba dive

It's always easy to put it off but going for a dive on the reef is so amazing it's a shame not to give it a go!