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9 animals you must see when visiting Tropical North Queensland

One of the draws for people visiting the amazing Tropical North Queensland region is the absundance and array of wildlife we have living here. Fom the canopies of the rainforest to the depths of the reef, there are creatures and critters to entice every sort of person. But if you're only here for a short break then what should you make sure to see? 

1. Crocodiles

Whether you go to one of the popular zoos to see one safely in an enclosure, or take a trip up the Daintree river to see scarface the huge resident male, you can't possible go home without a sighting of one of these living dinosaurs. They really are amazing to see in real life, although they are pretty scray too!

2. Turtles

Ask anyone heading out to the reef what they'd like to see and the answer will usually be unanimous: a turtle! There is a reason these creatures enchant so many people, moving gracefully through the water and being quite comfortable in the precenece of people, when when those people are squeaking excitedly through a snorkel.

3. Sharks

Don't be scared of these supposedly fearsome fish! You are most likely to see the smaller reef sharks on a trip out to the reef, and they are actually very shy indeed. Should you spot one count yourself lucky, and consider the fact that it is probably swimming away from you... Because, yes, they are a lot more scared of you than you are of it!

4. Wallabies

The large kangaroos are not found up here, because they are too large to hop through the dense rainforst. Instead you can spot smaller wallabies around, usually rleaxing in fields. Take a trip to Granit Gorge though and you will find friendly rock wallabies tame enough to eat from your hand!

5. Cassowaries

On paper these huge birds sound like make believe. Standing up to the height of a grown man, covered in blue feathers and with sharp talons on each foot? Scary! But these amazing endangered birds are no real threat if you reat them with respect. If you're very lucky you might spot one in the rainforest, otherwise most zoos in the area usually have one.

6. Lorikeets

You can see these tiny birds (and hear them!) all around the centre of town. They are very brightly coloured and live together in large groups. Walk through the centre of Cairns ar dusk and you will be able to see them flying at high speeds down the streets! Or, of course, pop to Birdowlrd in Kuranda and say hello to some slightly more sedate specimens...

7. Curlews

If you hear a strange screaming sound at night coming from your window then don't worry - it's just a curlew! These weird and wonderful birds have stalk like legs and big lungs, communicating to each other with eerie calls. But don't worry - because they are shy if you hear the call then you know all is well in your neighbourhood, if there were noisy people around they would stay quiet!

8. Koalas

It isn't legal to give everyone's favourite bear a cuddle in the state of New South Wales, so make sure to get your cuddles in while you're up in Queensland! Nothing can beat the feeling of giving their soft fur a stroke, and everyone will be jealous of your souveniour photos too.

9. Nemo of course!

A list like this wouldn't be complete without mentioning the film star of the underwater world. Known for his part in the famous Disney film, these clown fish are so much more than movie stars! They are very cute to watch as they swim around their underwater anemone home and bring a smile to everyones face.