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The whales are coming!

With whales already sighted as far north as Brisbane, it looks like these beautiful creatures are well on their way up the coast! Although the season here in Tropical North Queensland is short the mild winter weather means that you can often combine a morning spotting everyone's favourite humpback with an afternoon of lying on a beach.

It's also very common for whales to be spotted on trips out to the reef. During July and August it’s very common to find your reef boat slowing down on the journey to give way to these amazing creatures. Imagine, as if you day wasn’t brilliant enough finding nemo, you can add a humpback sighting to the list!

Many people have also spotted seeing whales as they swim through the channel between Fitzroy Island and the mainland. What a fabulous thought - whale watching from the beach!

Whale watching trips do operate each year, so if you’re interested in learning more then get in touch and add a magical morning to your stay.