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5 FREE ideas to keep the kids entertained

The school holidays can be a daunting prospect for many families. Weeks and weeks with the kids at home, and it's up to you to help entertain them... But don't worry, we've got lots of ideas for keeping them out of trouble htis festive season, without breaking the bank. Why don't you try a few out and let us know how they go?

The Lagoon

Spend an afternoon at one of Cairns' most famous spots and you'll find something to entertain everyone. Whether it's cooling off in the pool itself, enjoying some sunshine on the grass or cooking up a feast on one of the many free BBQs there are a heap of things to enjoy.

Picture Credit: Andrew Watson Photo

Crystal cascades

This local's favourite is a great place to spend a sweaty afternoon. Because the cascades are a series of pools there is always enough room for everyone, and if you're feeling adventurous you can always venture deeper into the rainforest and find Fairy Falls.

A day at the beach

Grab your cricket bat, an eskie with some sarnies and get ready to feel the sand between your toes! The area around Cairns is filled with beautiful beaches so don't worry about finding a spot - there are plenty to choose from. Just remember to pick one with a stinger net if you want to go for a swim between Nov-May.

Tablelands Road Trip

If the heat is getting a bit too much then venture up to the Tablelands for the day. There are a multitude of places to explore, and if your kids are on the adventurous side there are lots of great places to swim and splash about.

Explore the Daintree

Who wants to walk in rainforest that's 140 million years old - so old that it's the same as when the dinosaurs walked the earth! Driving these are back is a full day so, as a bonus, the kids will be worn out and sleep very well.