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Give the Gift of an Experience this Christmas

So December 25th is fast approaching, and once again you're having to come up with a million and one ideas for what to get your loved ones this festive season. Don't want to get someone a DVD boxset yet again, or need to give a hint to Granny that socks just won't cut it?

We're always told that spending your money on experiences rather than posessions make us infinately happier. So why not translate that to Christmas gifts? We can arrange for gift cards for a particular experience, or a monetary voucher that can be used in exchange for whatever the lucky receiver would love.

Want some ideas? How about...

Scuba Diving

How cool would it be to see the look on someone's face when they find out they'll be breathing underwater for the first time? Magic!

Hot Air Ballooning

Watching the sun rise from 1,000ft dangling beneath a balloon is a genunely breathtaking experience, and one that would truly be a gift to remember.

A day on a tropical island

Why not give the gift of relaxing in paradise? A ferry ticket to Fitzroy or Green Island could be just the thing Mum needs to unwind, especially if you throw in a cocktail too!

A sunset cruise

A great one for mates, famimiles and couples alike. Having dinner and watching the sun slowly drop behind the mountains is a gorgeous activity to share.


Got an adreneline junkie in your acquaintance? Book them in for a crazy day of jumping out of a perfectly good plane, this one is guaranteed to give you brownie points with the teenagers.

What do you think? Are these good ideas for a present? Any that you would add to the list?